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7 Sites That Make Homeschoolers Smarter

One of the greatest challenges that parents face in homeschooling is keeping the entire course both fun and informative.

Kids are always on the move. They want action games a lot. Play is children’s work, and parents especially those who choose to homeschool their kids are in constant obligation to remember that.

But with the growing problems and stress experienced by moms and dads at work, keeping things fun might pose a greater challenge not only for them, but also for the children who might not exactly like how things are taught to them.

That is a problem. A big one.

I’m a college professor but more importantly, a father. I love my kids and I always find it fun to teach them new things on weekends. However, work sometimes gets in the way and there’s no way helping that. That’s when I decided to seek online help for sites that could help me give them quality learning without necessarily jeopardizing my responsibilities at school.

My kids are enrolled in public school institutions and only have the chance to use this every Saturdays and Sundays. Yet I saw how it help them improve. How much more for homeschoolers who have more time to browse and master these modules?

Let’s go over them one by one and see what they contain. After this post, you can have all the time you want to use this as part of your homeschool learning materials.

Kidsknowit  – packed with learning programs that include educational movies, music, posters and games, Kidsknowit provides free educational materials that will help homeschoolers gain a wider knowledge about science and history.


Source: http://www.geekszine.com

Scholastic – is an e-learning site that offers interactive science activities and employs a type of scaling method to gauge the level of learning your kids has.


Source: http://www.rauffer.com

Howstuffworks – Kids are naturally curious. They love to know  the whys and whats of things even if they don’t matter. Howstuffworks gives your kids exactly what they want. Plus it gives relevant and beneficial topics along the way that can certainly widen your child’s horizons. If it’s an issue of why and how, introduce howstuffworks to your kids and see how they respond!


Source: http://www.skuggen.com

KidsNationalGeographic – While this site focuses majority of its topics on animals, your kids will surely have fun navigating through its pages and watch fun and informative animal videos. Select news articles are also published here using a tone that kids will surely love reading.

images (3)

Source: http://www.slav.global2.vic.edu.au

TimeForKids – Time magazine might be too technical for young kids who’d rather look at photos and videos than read lengthy texts. Time for Kids however, are especially created and written for kids by employing manner and delivery that is suitable for their age. This way, your kids will not only practice his reading skills, he’ll also gain more knowledge on the world’s current events.

images (4)

Source: http://www.topappreviews101.com

MakeMeGenius – an e-learning material that employs variation in all of its levels of learning. There are free jokes, random facts, quizzes and even how-to videos like plant adaptations. Browse on this site with your kids and have fun  yourself along the way.

i-download (1)

Source: http://www.figur8.net

Starfall – This site is designed for younger kids ages 4 above. It focuses on reading and they provide a variety of reading materials kids could enjoy. It also has an interactive page design which they will surely love.

i-download (2)

Source: http://www.educational-freeware.com

As I’ve said, homeschooling your kids needs balance. But doing it without aid might be more difficult than actually sending your kids to the nearest public or private school in town.

Take time to go online. After all, the Internet is a tool created to help us out. Check out the sites I recommended above and let me know if they are of great help. I’d be very glad to hear your experience.



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