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3 Skills You Can Get From Part-time Jobs (That Can Help You In Life)

Working as a college professor made me admire students who really went beyond expectations.

In my years of teaching experience, I come to meet individuals who really did great in juggling two different arenas all at the same time – mainly, studies and work.

I was also a part-time worker back in college so I very well know how it feels like to spend after school hours on a part-time job downtown. And it wasn’t easy. Instead of watching movies with my friends, I had to forgo the opportunity because of the job I had.

There were several sacrifices made and I’d have to admit some of those are regrettable. Still, if you ask me now, I wouldn’t even think of  trading my working experience as a student with anything else before.


Because it taught me a lot. And if you’re a part-time worker yourself, I think you’ll understand. Apart from money, there are several things, which we will be talking about today, that college part-time could give you.

And what are these things?


Now let’s try to be specific and find out the skills employers are looking for and which part-time jobs can give you. Let’s start with:

1. Budgeting Skills


Source: http://www.moneyfile.net

Since you’re working part-time, you’ll have the chance to save more sum to use for your education expenses. Even if the temptation to spend more is there, you’ll feel more responsible for your own spending since you’ve worked for it.

So why do employers look at this for an applicant?

Simple. They work on the analogy that if you know how to budget your money well, you’ll also do good in budgeting the time you allocate for your schedule at work. My personal experience proved me right and I’d bet it will also do the same to you.

2. Time Management Skills


Source: http://www.cmich.edu

This is more or less related to no. 1 with a slight twist on the value we add on prioritizing.

Striking a balance between studies and work is a tough task. More often than not, we start off rough, sacrificing one in favor of the other. It’s always like that especially if it’s your first time. However, if you get the neck of it as you go along, you’ll learn that it’s all a matter of time management.

Employers pay high regard to employees who can manage their time well not just because it’s a must in the competition, but also because it helps them keep themselves in the loop.

If you’re one who have a very good time management skill, you wouldn’t have much of a problem juggling two tasks in a day in case of emergencies. Employers like this because it keeps things done.

3. Discipline


Source: http://www.inspirationaltales.com

One thing which could be the most important lesson part-time jobs can teach you is the value of discipline. Your constant exposure to a tight schedule at work adding up to the deadlines and projects you have at school is an exhaustive task. Yet same can be a very good practice that could make you tougher and more focused.

It’s always an advantage when you’ve got the discipline necessary on the demands of your job. It takes a lot of practice but is certainly worth it.

Take time to ponder about your student life.

Would you like to go for a part-time job? This holiday season might prove to be an ideal time for you!

Think about it and share your thoughts.


About kincaiddonovan

A college professor and a proud father of two; actively involved in catechism and group counseling; loves basketball and books.


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