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Top Academic Issues That Made It to the Headlines in 2013

No matter how we try to bring out the ideal environment for education, there will always be that certain percentage of uncertainty that students, parents and teachers will have to deal with.

These uncertainties could range from the recent issues of in-campus security up to the long-debated issue of racial gap in academic performance among students.

As the year comes to an end, let’s look into 3 of the several education-related events and issues that rocked America and made it to national news this 2013.

(Note: Listed events are picked in random)

Let’s take a quick look.

1. School Shooting at Sparks Middle School

The shooting incident at Sparks Middle School in Nevada on October of this year sparked yet another heated debate about school security.

It could be remembered that just December of last year, America has witnessed the brutal killings  in Newtown, Connecticut which claimed the lives of 26 innocent people.

This year, along with more in-campus shooting incidents, increase of school security has been observed in some schools according to a survey report by the NPR (National Public Radio).

The next question would be, are we doing enough?

2. Education Budget Cuts

Education challenges don’t just end with the dangers brought about by armed assaults inside schools. At present, students, teachers and parents are also feeling the burden of budget cuts implemented by the state on its school funding.

A review on state budget documents revealed that a total of 34 states are providing lesser funding per student for school year 2013-2014 compared to the amount of funding allocated prior to the recession of 2007-2009.

Worse, the effect of this budget cut has not only affected education but also other sectors of our economy, and more importantly our family budget.

How are you coping so far with this issue?

3. Racial Gap in Education

An issue that has  been a subject of debate and other forms of discrimination, racial gap has always been among the topics in global hot seat discussions.


In an assessment by Mr. James Coleman for example, he concluded that black children are lagging behind from their white counterparts despite the equality of school facilities that they have.

Of course the assessment is still subject to changes, but the fact that it was conducted still proves that the issue of racial gap is prevalent even within modern times.

Let me hear your thoughts about the issues I mentioned.

Discussions are very much welcome!


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