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Apps that Students of all Levels Should Have (For Studying)

One of the major reasons why we use apps aside from mere entertainment is to help us do things easier everyday. From setting up our alarms in the morning to browsing over our to-do lists for the day, apps prove to be very good partners in smoothing out our daily tasks.

For students, one best purpose of mobile apps is to provide support for their studies. Having them installed in their smartphones make it easier for them to browse over supplementary educational materials they need anytime of the day.

With the emergence of various educational apps in the market, students are given wider choices of apps they’d want to have. From dictionary, to reading articles to ebooks, almost everything is made available with easy-touch access.

Today, I’d like to list down 3 of these apps which  students should have on their smartphones. The list is made based on the huge number of downloads and satisfactory ratings by users.  My kids for example also have them and I’ve tried it myself so I know they  work great.

Let’s start of with;

1. Kindle


Source: http://www.digitaltrends.com

Number of downloads at Google Play: 189,805

Average Rating: 4.1

Whether it’s for reading ebooks or going over latest news articles, Kindle will be a very good material for such activity. Equipped with its built-in dictionary, Google and Wikipedia, students will have easier access to specific readings of their choice. Not only that, Kindle also allows easier synchronization of read books from one device to another.

Students will not worry about using their mobiles now and tablets later. With Kindle, their ebook readings can easily be accessed across all devices.

2. Dictionary – Merriam – Webster


Source: http://www.themobileindian.com

Number of downloads at Google Play: 88, 761

Average Rating: 4.6

Primarily created to cater the needs of providing word definitions, Merriam – Webster is  a must-have for students on the go.  It provides synonyms and antonyms for words and even gives sample sentences. The app also offers a voice pronunciation feature, which is very beneficial especially if you’re looking for an unfamiliar word.

Merriam- Webster allows students to keep track of their favorites making it easier for them to pull out any words of interest and use it in casual conversation.

If it’s all about definitions, Merriam-Webster is a great app for you.

3. Evernote


Source: http://www.arstechnica.com

Number of downloads at Google Play: 757,298

Average Rating: 4.7

Organizing stuff has always been a tedious, if not a frustrating task for a lot of students. Add it up to the assignments, projects and personal responsibilities they have at home and things could start to go awry.

This is where Evernote does its job best.

Armed with a user-friendly interface, the app allows you to keep tabs of your daily tasks even if you’ve saved them across different devices like tablet, PC or mobile. With Evernote, you can share files to other people and let them know what you’re at.

Students will also have an easier way to share notes with friends on Facebook and Twitter. If a written to-do list is not enough, students could use the voice reminder option to remind them of future tasks.

You might have been a user of educational apps for a while and I’m sure you’ve had a taste of your good and bad experiences on them. So if you have not yet tried having the three I’ve listed above, take time to install them on your mobiles and see it for yourself.

I’m not saying you have to let go of the apps you already have at present, but having another one to supplement them could surely make things easier.

Try them out now and let me hear your feedback!


About kincaiddonovan

A college professor and a proud father of two; actively involved in catechism and group counseling; loves basketball and books.


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