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SCHOLLY: Scholarship Search Made Easy!


Source: http://www.collegescholarships.org

Visit top scholarship search engines like Fastweb, CollegeBoard, CollegeNet, Scholarships, or ScholarshipMonkey and you’ll be faced with synonymous results – a long list of available scholarships.

While finding scholarships is primarily the purpose of why we access these sites, finding the ‘right one’ might be a challenge if we take into consideration the enormous data available on each site. There are too many relevant, yet need to be sorted out information present online and in as much as how we hate to admit it, we don’t have the time, and sometimes patience to go over with all of them.

Which is why we keep on looking for an easier and faster way.

But how do we do it when doing it online is already the faster way?

Can we still go faster?

The answer is yes.

And Scholly’s there to make that possible.

How? Three ways – three simple ways.

  • Targeted Scholarship Lists
  • Update Scholarship Search List Results
  • Successful Scholarship Essay Samples

So how exactly does this app help you?

First off, it’s targeted and specific. You’ll be asked to fill out basic info like state, race, gender and GPA to filter available scholarships that suit your eligibility specifically. What doesn’t fit you will not be included in the list, saving you time in sorting them out.

Second, Scholly’s list is updated. The app’s developer wrote scripts that would notify them every time scholarship issues like expirations and updates are available. This ensures that you get a doze of fresh, legit list from schools, organizations, or private institutions looking for scholars.

Third, which is a very good bonus, is the sample essays that it gives you. Should you find a scholarship that asks you to make an essay, Scholly offers free successful samples you can use as a reference.

But can Scholly app really be trusted?

There’s no harm in trying and there’s a lot to lose if you don’t. Trust is something you can only determine once you’ve tried something out.

But over 10,000 downloads? I think it speaks of something.

Who made Scholly?

Scholly was born out of the brilliant mind of Christopher Gray, named as the ‘Million Dollar Scholar’  student of Drexel University by acquiring $1.3 million worth of scholarship grant. He teamed  up with Nick Pirollo, a Computer Science student of the same school and Bryson Alef of Amherst College.

How was Scholly created?

It all started when Gray felt the need to lend help to his co-students when it comes to scholarship search. Being a scholar himself, Gray understands how difficult it is to scavenge online information and sort them all out by yourself.

‘People wanted something quick. They wanted something new.’ says Gray at a report published in usatoday.com.

With this thought in mind, he sought the help  of Pirollo and Alef and together created Scholly.

Is Scholly a free app?

No it’s not. It’s worth 99 cents which according to Gray is a low cost if you think about the possible $5,000 to $6,000 worth of scholarship grants you can get with the help of the app.

Generally, Scholly is proving itself to be a helpful and effective app when it comes to scholarship searches. But for those who’d prefer longer searches across all fields, scholarship search engines like those I’ve mentioned at the beginning of this post is also of great help.

Find out what works best and get the right scholarship for you!


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