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Knock-out Quotes from America’s Most Successful Businessmen

We’ve all had those days when we’re feeling so down in the dumps. We’re not in the mood and we feel like we need to do something just to get ourselves off our beds and start the day. It’s a disaster if we don’t immediately find that inspiration we need to get moving. We know … Continue reading

A Parent’s Take on the No Child Left Behind Law

Source: http://www.teachthought.com I’m a teacher, but more importantly a parent. I very well understand what it takes to stand on both grounds, balancing my own beliefs on the No Child Left Behind law (NCLB) under those different roles. Even before my kids Claire and James went to school – that was 2006 –¬† I and … Continue reading

SCHOLLY: Scholarship Search Made Easy!

Source: http://www.collegescholarships.org Visit top scholarship search engines like Fastweb, CollegeBoard, CollegeNet, Scholarships, or ScholarshipMonkey and you’ll be faced with synonymous results – a long¬†list of available scholarships. While finding scholarships is primarily the purpose of why we access these sites, finding the ‘right one’ might be a challenge if we take into consideration the enormous … Continue reading

Apps that Students of all Levels Should Have (For Studying)

One of the major reasons why we use apps aside from mere entertainment is to help us do things easier everyday. From setting up our alarms in the morning to browsing over our to-do lists for the day, apps prove to be very good partners in smoothing out our daily tasks. For students, one best … Continue reading

3 Skills You Can Get From Part-time Jobs (That Can Help You In Life)

Working as a college professor made me admire students who really went beyond expectations. In my years of teaching experience, I come to meet individuals who really did great in juggling two different arenas all at the same time – mainly, studies and work. I was also a part-time worker back in college so I … Continue reading

Top Academic Issues That Made It to the Headlines in 2013

No matter how we try to bring out the ideal environment for education, there will always be that certain percentage of uncertainty that students, parents and teachers will have to deal with. These uncertainties could range from the recent issues of in-campus security up to the long-debated issue of racial gap in academic performance among … Continue reading

7 Sites That Make Homeschoolers Smarter

One of the greatest challenges that parents face in homeschooling is keeping the entire course both fun and informative. Kids are always on the move. They want action games a lot. Play is children’s work, and parents especially those who choose to homeschool their kids are in constant obligation to remember that. But with the … Continue reading